Buying a table tennis table for your home? Here are some pointers.

Is there enough room for me? It was a difficult decision to make (truly!). I bought a table tennis table for my home a few years ago. What am I going to do with it? Will I be able to improve my table tennis abilities? I’m not sure who I’m going to play with. What should my budget be? Is it something I’ll actually use? So many inquiries.

It isn’t the most expensive table on the market, but it was perfect for my needs and budget. I bought the damn table – a Butterfly Easifold indoor table tennis table – after weeks of deliberation and careful planning with my measuring tape.

No, it’s not true. Do I have any regrets about purchasing the table? Yes, indeed. Yes (I believe!). Has it aided my progress? Have I made extensive use of it? Now fast forward to the year 2017.

In this blog post, I’ll give you some tips on buying a table tennis table for your home, as well as some recommendations for good (and affordable) tables.

How much room do you require?

Is your home large enough to accommodate a table tennis table? The first and most important factor to consider is the amount of space available.

Let’s take a look at how much space you’ll require…

To play table tennis, however, you’ll need more space behind and to the side of the table. A full-size table tennis table is 1.525 meters wide. A full-size table tennis table measures 2.74 meters in length.

This space is still a little cramped, but you’ll have plenty of room to play. As a general rule, 4 steps back (approx 2 metres) from each end of the table and 2 steps (approx 1 metre) from each side are required.

As shown in the diagram above, you’ll need a room that’s at least 6.74 meters long and 3.525 meters wide.

If you’re short on space, there are a few options.

You still have a few options if you don’t have a room with this much space.

1. Squeeze your way in

As a result, you can play with less space, but you’ll be limited in how you can play. If you take too many steps away from the table, your bat will hit a wall (which isn’t good). You’ll need to stay close to the table at all times. If your room isn’t quite as big as the measurements above, you could just play with less space. If you only have two or three steps back from the table rather than four, you might be able to play, but it will be extremely difficult.

    2. Purchase a 34-inch table tennis table.

    It is possible to purchase a table that is one-third the size of a full-size table. The table will provide you with a lot of pleasure. If you’re only going to play for a little fun with friends and family, I think this is fine.

    You’ll have to make the transition from a smaller table at home to a larger table at a table tennis club, which isn’t ideal. If you want to do serious training, a 34-inch table isn’t the best option.

    Recommendations (United Kingdom)

    • Butterfly Table Tennis Table for Kids
    • JOOLA Midsize Table Tennis Table (please note that this is 2/3 the size of a standard table)

    Recommendations (United States)

    • Butterfly Table Tennis Table for Kids
    • (Note: this is 2/3 the size of a standard table) Stiga Midi Table Black Edition

    3. Purchase a table top

    When playing, this can be placed on top of the dining room table and then folded away when not in use. In this case, you might want to consider purchasing just the table top. Some people have a large enough room, but it is already occupied by a dining room table. Table tops come in a variety of sizes, some smaller (to fit smaller dining room tables) and others larger (to fit larger dining room tables).

    If you just want to have some fun with your family and friends, a table top is probably a better option. Because the height of a dining table may differ from that of a table tennis table, it may not be suitable for serious training.

    Recommendations (United Kingdom)

    • Table Tennis Top Viavito Flipit 6ft
    • Table Tennis Butterfly Top

    Recommendations (United States)

    • Pool Conversion Table Top by Martin Kilpatrick

    4. Use a robot to push the table against the wall.

    As a result, I won’t be able to have a two-player game. My garage has enough room for a table, but there isn’t enough room on either end of the table for two people to play.

    I can push the table right up against the garage doors because the robot doesn’t require any space back from the table. This gives me more room to play on my end (yay!). Instead, I simply train with my RoboPong 2050 robot.

    This suits my needs for the time being, as my children are too young to play and my partner Jodi has no interest in the sport. It’s also a lot of fun if we ever have a get-together. Everyone enjoys attempting to outwit the robot.

    Can a table tennis robot assist you in improving your game?

    5. Take a walk outside

    If you don’t have enough room inside, the only other option is to purchase an outdoor table tennis table. When there is a lot of wind, it can be difficult to play, but on a nice sunny day, playing outside can be a lot of fun.

    Buying a table tennis table for the backyard is a good idea.

    the standard of the table

    After you’ve determined that you have enough space, the next thing to consider is the table’s quality. How do you tell if a table is good or if it’s a piece of junk? There are many different table tennis tables to choose from, some of which are very inexpensive and others which are very expensive.

    As a general rule, the thickness of a table’s wooden top should be used to determine its quality. As a result, the higher the quality of the wooden top, the better. The thickness will vary between 12mm (poor quality) and 25mm (excellent quality).

    On thin table tops, the ball doesn’t bounce very well, and the table’s construction always seems flimsy to me. Although the price will be low, the quality will be subpar. In general, I would avoid purchasing a table tennis table with a 12mm top.

    My garage table is 19mm thick, and the quality is adequate for robot training. At the very least, you should look for a table with a 16mm table tennis top.

    Go for a table with a thicker top (22mm-25mm) if you can afford it. These are the tables that are used in competitive leagues and tournaments (so they’re of very high quality), and I’ll be envious that you have one at home.

    Table tennis tables can be purchased from most table tennis shops. Alternatively, take a look at my suggestions below… Look through my list of table tennis stores in the United Kingdom, Europe, the United States, Asia, and Australia to find one near you.

    the United Kingdom

    16mm to 19mm…

    • Indoor Butterfly Easifold Table Tennis Table
    • Table Tennis Table JOOLA Transport
    • Indoor Table Tennis Table Cornilleau Sport 250

    22mm to 25mm…

    • Table Tennis Table (22mm) Butterfly National League
    • Table Tennis Table JOOLA World Cup (22mm)
    • Indoor Table Tennis Table (22mm) Cornilleau Sport 500

    The United States of America

    16mm to 19mm…

    • Inside the JOOLA Table Tennis Table
    • Table Tennis Table JOOLA Motion 18
    • Indoor Rollaway Butterfly Easifold 19

    22mm to 25mm…

    • Inside JOOLA 25 Table Tennis Table
    • Indoor Table Tennis Table Cornilleau 500
    • Table Tennis Table Butterfly Space Saver 22

    Other things to think about

    The following factors are less important than space and table quality, but they are worth considering before buying a table tennis table. There are a few other things to think about as well.

    Floor coverings

    This is the most convenient surface to move around on, and it is also the most durable – you won’t damage it if you set up and take down your table with care. Your table tennis room should ideally have wood or laminate flooring.

    On the carpet, you can play. A thinner carpet would be preferable, but even this will wear out over time. If you play too much, the carpet will become severely worn, especially if you have a nice thick carpet. You could place a rug on top of the carpet to protect it, but there’s always the risk that the rug will slip beneath your feet and CRASH! But be cautious! That’s fine.

    Tile flooring is fine, but it can become slippery if there is too much moisture in the room.

    It is best to avoid playing on a concrete floor if you have weak ankles, knees, or hips. A concrete floor is also acceptable, but it is not as gentle on the body.

    the height of the ceiling

    If you have a low ceiling, the only thing you won’t do is throw the ball up in the air. Because you won’t be competing in international tournaments at home, a high ceiling isn’t necessary. Everything else will go smoothly. It’s fine to play table tennis as long as you can stand fully upright in your room. Unless you decide to rebuild your home, there isn’t much you can do about it. Ceiling height isn’t something I’d be concerned about.

    In the garage, having fun

    Instead, according to these articles, you should purchase an outdoor table tennis table. I’ve read online that you shouldn’t buy an indoor table tennis table if you’re going to keep it in your garage because the cold will warp the table.

    And it’s not like I have a super-duper-state-of-the-art garage. To be honest, I wouldn’t pay attention to this advice. The table hasn’t changed in any way. I’ve kept my indoor table in my garage for a number of years and it’s worked out perfectly. It’s actually in pretty bad shape and is gradually rotting away (it’s on the to-do list). It’s fine to keep an indoor table tennis table in your garage as long as there isn’t any water leaking from the roof.

    Taking good care of your table tennis table

    It requires very little upkeep. All you have to do is clean the surface with a lightly damp cloth every now and then, and that’s pretty much it. Taking care of your table tennis table is simple.

    This will keep the dust and grime at bay. You can purchase a cover if you keep your table in a dustier environment (such as a garage).

    Recommendations (United Kingdom)

    • Table Tennis Table Cover Pathonor
    • Table Tennis Table Cover Wollowo
    • Table Tennis Table Cover Sponeta

    Recommendations (United States)

    • Cover for Podinor Table Tennis
    • Tablecloth JOOLA

    Balls, robots, nets, and collectors

    I’ll wrap up this blog post with some product recommendations for getting the most enjoyment out of your table tennis table.

    Robotic table tennis

    A table tennis robot can be a good way to practice if you don’t have anyone to practice with at home. It has a lot of features compared to low-cost robots, but it isn’t as expensive as a high-end robot. This robot has been in my possession for several years and has always performed admirably. I own a Robo-Pong 2050, which I enthusiastically recommend. It’s a robot in the middle of the spectrum.

    • Robo-Pong 2050 (buy in the United Kingdom | buy in the United States)

    Net for table tennis

    Do not purchase a low-cost table tennis net. Cheap nets are notorious for falling apart after only a few uses. Spend a little more and you can get a net that will last for years (if properly cared for). It isn’t the most expensive net you can buy, but it is of good quality and comes at a reasonable price. I’ve been using a Butterfly clip on my kitchen table and am pleased to recommend it.

    • Butterfly Clip Table Tennis Net (Buy in the United Kingdom | Buy in the United States)

    Net for catching balls

    This eliminates the need to pick up numerous balls from the ground. If you want to do a lot of service practice, it can be beneficial to have. As you play with the robot or practice your serves, you attach the net to the table and it catches the balls. If your robot doesn’t have a ball catch net, you’ll need one.

    • Net for catching balls (buy in the UK | buy in the US)

    Picking up the ball

    You’ll get tired of bending down and picking up a lot of balls from the floor if you have a robot or like to practice with a lot of balls. All you have to do is push it down over the balls on the floor, and it will collect them in its net. This is a fantastic invention! Once you’ve collected all of the balls, simply empty them into your robot or ball box. No more bending down with this ingenious device.

    • My Ping Pong Buddy (buy in the United Kingdom | buy in the United States)

    Balls for table tennis

    You’ll require a large number of balls. Finally, there are the balls! These are still good balls, but you can get a lot more bang for your buck with these than with competition balls. I suggest purchasing a box of training balls.

    • Training balls for table tennis (buy in the UK | buy in the US)

    This is without a doubt my favorite ball to play with. If you want to buy some competition-quality table tennis balls, I recommend Nittaku Premium 3 Star table tennis balls (buy in the UK | buy in the USA).

    Guide to the Best Table Tennis Balls (affiliate link)

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