[Exclusive Reviews] The 9 Best Ping Pong Paddles for Spin 2021

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If you’re familiar with the game and its various styles of play, such as attacking, you already know that you prefer a paddle that can apply a lot of pressure while also producing spin. Ball spin increases the power you put into each shot and allows you to place the ball with pinpoint accuracy in table tennis.

We discovered the characteristics that professional players look for when choosing the best ping-pong paddle for spin after conducting extensive research. High-quality materials, rubber that ensures maximum spin and performance, the added value of paddles based on weight, wooden canvas, the shape of the handle, and top-spin are all features they seek. However, using the best ping-pong paddle for spin is the only way to generate spin.

This article includes a list of the 9 best ping-pong paddles for spin.

Reviews of the Best Ping Pong Paddle for Spin 2021

Reviews of the Best Ping Pong Paddles for Spin 2021

1. Killerspin Jet 800 – Penhold’s Best Ping Pong Paddle

To produce some controlled strokes, it is stronger and thicker. Seven layers make up the Killerspin JET800 table tennis paddle. Because this paddle is so simple to use, you can play quickly and furiously. The handle is made to fit all sizes of hands. The ball’s impact is absorbed by the side tape around the blade.

This tape not only makes the game more comfortable, but it also protects the paddle from damage. The rubber, on the other hand, is available for an additional fee. If it collides with the table, the rubber will be quickly damaged. When using this table tennis racket, make sure it is not too heavy.

You can keep this paddle as a memento once you’ve finished using it and won the tournament. Its handle, however, may be too small for players with large hands. The Killerspin Jet 800 is a ready-to-use paddle for beginners and intermediate professionals thanks to its excellent design and high-quality materials.

Main Characteristics:

  • It’s a well-designed racket made of high-quality materials.
  • It’s quite potent.
  • Its weight is just right.
  • It has a very large hit zone, which is very useful.
  • It has a good balance of speed and control.

2. STIGA Pro Carbon Performance Ping Pong Paddle – Most Popular Ping Pong Paddle

It was created with professional players in mind. This professional racket is the best on its own, combining advanced materials with advanced technology. It has been approved for tournament use by the ITTF. Its carbon technology boosts speed, allowing players to experience thrilling power and spin while combining raw energy with ACS technology to improve player control.

Despite having seven layers, the paddle is very light and easy to control. High-quality S5 rubber is used to cover the 2mm sponge. After a tournament or practice session, the rubber can be replaced.

This racket was created for the best players on the planet. The paddle is both lightweight and durable. It also has a reinforced concave handle that gives you a better grip and allows you to tilt the paddle more easily to produce spin.

When compared to other paddles, this one has a heavier blade. It is, however, less heavy than other attacking paddles. Rubber loses its adhesion quickly. It will be difficult to produce spin because it is made of non-stick rubber. It features Stiga S5 rubber, which is ideal for beginners because it provides less speed and rotation.

Main Characteristics:

  • At this price, it’s a fantastic tool.
  • It generates sufficient spin.
  • The rubber of medium quality has less spin and speed.
  • After some wear and tear, you can replace the rubber.
  • Professionals and recreational players with a tennis background will love it.

3. Butterfly Pro-Line Hand Assembled – Defensive Player Favorite

The flawless controls provided by this racket make ball placement much easier. With this paddle, players can expect more consistency. It is simple to control due to its lightweight design. A unique ball touch is created by the combination of the carbon layer and the balsa core. This butterfly high-tech paddle gives players who strive for consistent performance an unbeatable advantage.

It has a larger striking surface and moves faster than a traditional wooden paddle. In general, the paddle is well-balanced. Some of the best players in the world use this paddle. A very offensive game is ensured by two layers of carbon. The use of reinforced carbon fiber in the paddle ensures incredible spin and speed.

This paddle is incredible. It’s not for beginners, but as a pro player, it’s a fantastic tool. It has a lot of power, as well as excellent spin and speed. The rubber is lightweight and provides a good combination of speed and spin. If you haven’t played with it before, it will take some time for you to get used to it.

Main Characteristics:

  • It has perfect balance, great spin, and quickness.
  • Because of the carbon fiber face, it has a large sweet spot.
  • The paddle’s balsa core makes it both strong and light.
  • Its softer feel makes shooting a breeze.
  • This racquet is made for powerful shots.
  • It’s easier to generate spin and block.

Table Tennis Paddle Killerspin JET 600

Killerspin is a relatively new brand in the table tennis market that caters to intermediate players. The paddle is extremely attractive and well-made. Killerspin’s paddle is intended to entice the audience in the basement. A 5-ply paddle and a 2mm rubber sponge are included in the JET600.

The JET 5-layer blade outperforms and outperforms the previous paddles in the series. These specifications attest to the fact that these paddles are suitable for use in any tournament. Those who compete in table tennis tournaments will benefit from this paddle.

While this paddle is quick, it is not designed for aggressive shots. When compared to paddles with similar qualities, it is more expensive. The close control provided is quite good, but it takes some getting used to. The $70 price tag is what you’d expect from a high-end brand.

In terms of movement and control, it strikes a nice balance. Jet 600 will not let you down if you want to improve your table tennis skills. This paddle is ideal for beginners and intermediate players.

Main Characteristics:

  • This paddle is more aggressive in terms of shots and spin.
  • It offers an excellent balance of spin and power.
  • It has been approved for tournament use by the ITTF.
  • It has a more substantial feel to it.
  • The blade is made up of five layers of durable wood.
  • Both advanced and intermediate players will enjoy this game.
  • It is covered by a 30-day warranty.

5. JOOLA Infinity Overdrive – Ping Pong Paddle with Professional Performance

In both indoor and outdoor table tennis, Joola table tennis racquets are known for their superior quality and unmatched performance. The paddle’s blade is extremely smooth. The racquet is clearly designed for top-tier players. The handle has a nice design and provides a comfortable grip.

This paddle will give you a very relaxing experience. In addition, both ends of the paddle have Micron 48 black rubber on the blades. The paddle blade has a 7-ply wood construction with a double carbon layer. These characteristics combine to create an ideal table tennis paddle that offers extremely high speeds, superior control, and excellent spin.

If you’re used to this paddle, you’ll never want to go back to a cheap paddle. Your spin quality has the potential to improve your game. Furthermore, the ball jumped out of the paddle because the force was sufficient. The paddle grip is hazardous to one’s health.

Main Characteristics:

  • This table tennis paddle has a nice grip and a nice feel to it.
  • It boosts speed, spin, and performance.
  • This is ideal for both novice and experienced players.
  • Vibrations are reduced by two carbon layers.
  • For powerful attacks, it has a large sweet spot.

STIGA Raptor Table Tennis Racket (number 6)

It will provide you with good performance using high-quality materials and will quickly give you the feel of a professional paddle. One of the best things about the STIGA Raptor Table Tennis Racket is how affordable it is. It’s ideal for newcomers who are still learning the ropes of the game.

It has a lot of movability thanks to the lightweight rubber. It has a 2mm sponge and a 6-ply lightweight blade that allows you to play at a high speed. This reduces the amount of control you have over the shot.

Because of the low price, the material quality suffers, especially when compared to other STIGA table tennis rackets. Despite the fact that it does not meet professional performance standards, it is a good paddle for beginners.

In terms of performance and quality, the paddle is adequate, but it does not perform at a professional level. You can replace the rubber in minutes, which is convenient because you won’t be wasting time.

Main Characteristics:

  • This paddle has a good mix of edge guards and high-quality materials.
  • It has a lot of power and spin.
  • It is made of rubber that has been approved by the ITTF.
  • It’s a seven-layer blade that’s relatively light in weight.
  • Control is provided by the ACS technology.

Table Tennis Racket: Butterfly Balsa Carbo X5 Pro-Line

The Balsa Carbo paddle is one of the most effective paddles for advanced players, as it is a high-performance paddle with increased speed and excellent spin. Because of its high speed, it may take a little longer to get used to this paddle, especially if you’re used to using slower racquets.

The ball’s speed is increased by the powerful paddle. The Tenergy FX rubber makes it one of the most expensive paddles on the market right now. There are five layers to it. It is constructed from high-quality materials. The paddle is light and strong thanks to the dual carbon layer. The rubber gives the ball a softer feel, allowing for more precise and consistent movement.

It contains high-quality ingredients and performs well. Butterfly blades are medium to long, making them the most powerful paddle. In contrast to other paddles, the Butterfly Balsa Carbo is custom made, which means it is fitted when purchased. You can have it made with a custom handle to fit your needs. If it does not cost as much, more players will use it.

Main Characteristics:

  • It was created with professional players in mind who want to dominate their opponents.
  • The ITTF has approved this paddle for tournament use.
  • It is light in weight and provides excellent touch and power.
  • Designed for close-quarters combat and mid-range shots.
  • It’s put together by hand.

Final Thoughts:

It can be difficult to find the ideal ping pong paddle. The STIGA Pro Carbon ping pong racket is, in my opinion, the best ping pong paddle for the spin. However, if your style of play necessitates more spin, the table tennis paddles listed above might be the best option.

This provides the best overall control, optimized spin, and speed, making the paddle ideal for players who enjoy spinning the ball. STIGA is a well-known brand in table tennis, and their rubber is ITTF approved, so you can use this paddle in any tournament.

It’s not only a high-quality paddle, but it’s also backed by a great 90-day warranty from reputable manufacturers. When used by an intermediate ping pong player, it provides a good spin to make the opponent’s life difficult during the match.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q.1: Which side of the table tennis paddle produces the most spin?

The reason for this is that the red side is frequently lacking in grip, which may suit some players but is incapable of producing spin. If you want to get the most spin out of each shot, the black side is usually the best choice. So, opt for the black side and a firmer grip on the ball to better control the spin and ball placement.

Q.2: What is the difference between a ping pong paddle’s red and black sides?

On both sides of the blade, professional players usually use different rubber. Yes, but it is conditional. The different colors are used so that the opponents can see what is being used. As a result, they can anticipate the type of shot.

Q.3: Is it true that more expensive table tennis paddles are better?

However, more expensive does not always imply superior quality. It is entirely dependent on your abilities. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a paddle if you’re a beginner because it won’t suit you. Obviously, yes. As a professional player, however, you will undoubtedly need to spend more because the quality of the paddle rises in tandem with the price.

Q.4: Which paddle is best for first-timers?

This is due to the fact that it is less expensive when compared to the added value of being a good practice tool. After learning basic skills, this paddle is still ideal for intermediate players. This paddle is designed to teach players how to play fast rounds while maintaining control over their shots. Due to its good grip and lightweight rubber surface, it provides a great combination of power and spin. The Killerspin JET 600 Table Tennis paddle is the best beginner option on this list.

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  • In a portable fabric table tennis carry bag, you’ll find two paddles and three balls.
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