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But, alas, this is not the case! Non-flammable plastic is used for the other balls. Celluloid is used in some of the balls. Purchasing table tennis balls should be simple. There are numerous types of balls available, including competition balls, training balls, and inexpensive “just for fun” balls.

In this blog post, I’ll discuss my thoughts on a variety of balls and provide specific recommendations for the best competition and training balls available. I also make suggestions for which balls to purchase for casual play. So, which balls are the best to buy?

Changes to table tennis balls

Over the last 20 years, table tennis balls have undergone two significant changes. The larger ball is slower and spins less, implying longer rallies in theory, but I’m not sure this has ever been proven. To make it more appealing to spectators, the size was increased. The ball’s diameter was increased from 38mm to 40mm in 2000.

The material used to make table tennis balls was changed from celluloid to a non-flammable plastic in 2014/2015 (often referred to as “plastic balls,” “poly balls,” or “40+ balls”). These balls are slightly larger than the 40mm celluloid balls, but the primary difference is the material used to make them.

The quality of the new plastic balls was initially poor, causing a lot of frustration and anger among table tennis players. However, in the last five years, the quality of new plastic balls has vastly improved, particularly with the introduction of ABS material.

At the amateur level, I don’t believe most players have noticed a significant difference. Professionals continue to attack in the same manner. The new plastic ball was widely feared to have a significant impact on the game. This, however, has not occurred.

Competition balls

If you play competitive table tennis (or aspire to), you should definitely use the new plastic table tennis balls. It is the new size, as indicated by the + symbol. It’s most likely the old celluloid ball if your ball only says 40 or 4mm without the + symbol. As a result, look for the 40+ symbol on the balls you purchase. The easiest way to tell if you’re using the new plastic balls is to look for the word “40+” printed on them.

It’s possible that I haven’t tried it yet. However, I have personally used all of the balls listed below and am happy to recommend them. I haven’t tried all of the plastic balls yet. So just because a ball isn’t on my list doesn’t mean it’s a bad ball. So, which competition balls should you buy? You might also be interested in reading my article ” Let me begin with a disclaimer. What are the best competition table tennis balls?“.

JOOLA Prime 40+

I began using JOOLA Prime in May of this year, following the completion of my master’s degree. This is my favorite 3 star competition table tennis ball right now. visit to German Bundesliga club ASV GrünwettersbachJOOLA Prime is made of ABS, which provides better roundness and durability. I think we’ve grown accustomed to the new balls being slower and less spinny, but when using JOOLA Prime for topspin attacks, the ball truly kicks off the table. This is a good ball. JOOLA Prime is tough, fast, spinny, and long-lasting. Spin has returned to town! You have the ability to generate a lot of spin.

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Nittaku Premium 40+

They have a consistent bounce, are easy to spin, and rarely break. If you’re looking for high-quality competition balls, I highly recommend Nittaku Premium. This table tennis ball is also of high quality. It was like playing with the old celluloid balls all over again. All teams at my club (Cambridge-Parkside) used Nittaku Premium table tennis balls in league matches from 2016 to 2019. I first encountered this ball in a tournament in 2016 and was immediately enamored with it.

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Double Fish V40+

This is widely regarded as the best 40+ ball on the market. It comes highly recommended. The grippy surface of the Double Fish 3* balls allows you to generate a lot of spin when looping, chopping, flicking, or serving. The Champions Edition, which was previously only available for major Pro Tour events, is now available for League play.

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Training balls

Multi-ball training is possible. This will allow you to be more efficient during training sessions (by allowing you to spend less time picking up just one ball from the floor). A large box of training balls is useful if you are serious about improving. Solo service practice can also help you improve your serves significantly. (See my article on the advantages of owning a box of training balls for more information.)Why you need a box of training balls‘).

However, training with a large box of competition-quality balls is quite costly. In an ideal world, you’d practice with the same high-quality balls that you use in competitive matches. And I don’t think it’s necessary if you’re just playing for fun.

There are many good quality training balls available (recommendations below) that are much more affordable and suitable for training drills, multi-ball practice, and service practice.

Here are some suggestions for table tennis training balls that you can purchase. All of these have been used in my coaching sessions and with clients over the last year. my robot I’ve been very pleased with the quality and durability of the balls I’ve used for training…

Table tennis training balls



Balls for casual play

If you’re just having a good time, it’s not necessary to use the highest-quality balls. These have a low bounce and are easily broken. My only piece of advice is to stay away from the really, really cheap balls. It makes no difference whether the ball is made of celluloid or a new plastic material.

Any of these will suffice if you only need a few balls with good durability, consistent bounce, and a reasonable price…

Recommended balls (UK)

Recommended balls (USA)

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Where can you buy table tennis balls?

Look through my list of table tennis stores to find one near you… Table tennis balls can be purchased from any dedicated table tennis shop.

On Amazon, you can occasionally find good deals on table tennis balls (UK site | USA site), so worth checking here too.

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