Reviews and Buying Guide For The Best Table Tennis Rackets In India For Beginners And Intermediate Players

The popularity of our stars such as Monika Batra, Sharath Kamal, and G. Sathyan has increased interest in the game, and young people are flocking to learn and play it. Table tennis, also known as ping pong, is one of the most popular sports in India. This guide is for beginner and intermediate table tennis players who want to take their game seriously.

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  • 1 What Is The Definition Of A Table Tennis Racket?
  • Quick Comparison of the 2 Best Table Tennis Rackets
  • There are three different types of table tennis rackets. Ready-Made/Pre-Assembled Rackets 3.1 Customized 3.2 Ready-Made/Pre-Assembled Rackets Rubber 3.6 3.5-inch blade 3.3 Rackets for Recreation 3.4 Racket Components Sponge (3.7) Handle: 3.8 Glue: 3.9
    • 3.1 Individualized
    • 3.2 Rackets That Have Already Been Made/Assembled
    • 3.3 Rackets for Recreation
    • 3.4 Racket Components
    • 3.5-inch blade
    • Rubber 3.6
    • Sponge (3.7)
    • Handle: 3.8
    • Glue (3.9%)
  • Penhold Grip (4.2) 4 Grip Styles/How To Grip Your Racket Shakehand Grip (4.1)
    • Shakehand Grip (4.1)
    • Penhold Grip (4.2)
  • 5.1 Stag5.2 GKI 5.3 Palio5.4 Stiga 5.5 Joola Stag5.2 GKI Stag5.2 GKI Stag5.2 GKI Stag5.2 GKI Stag5.2 GKI Stag India’s Top 5 Table Tennis Racket Manufacturers
    • Stag (5.1)
    • GKI 5.2
    • Palio (5.3)
    • Stiga 5.4
    • Joola 5.5
  • Palio Expert (6.4) Review of the Top 6 Table Tennis Rackets in India 6.3 JHOOLA Table Tennis Spirit Racket Set 3.0 Table Tennis Racket 6.2 EastField Professional Table Tennis Racket GKI Table Tennis Racket, Size 6.7 racquet 2.0 6.9 Stiga Kontra Table Tennis Bat 6.8 Stag Table Tennis Racket Table Tennis Racket, 6.6 Stiga Masters Two Star Palio Legend (6.1) Carbon Table Tennis 6.5 Jhoola
    • Palio Legend 3.0 Table Tennis Racket (6.1 Palio Legend 3.0 Table Tennis Racket)
    • Professional Table Tennis Racket, 6.2 EastField
    • 6.3 JHOOLA Spirit Table Tennis Racket Set
    • Palio Expert 2.0 Racquet (6.4)
    • Carbon Table Tennis 6.5 Jhoola
    • Table Tennis Racket, 6.6 Stiga Masters Two Star
    • GKI Table Tennis Racket, Size 6.7
    • Table Tennis Racket 6.8 Stag
    • The Stiga Kontra is a 6.9-inch table tennis bat.
  • 7.4 Power 7.5 Control 7.6 Spin 7.7 Price 7.1 Overall Material 7.2 Player Type 7.3 Playing Style 7.4 Power 7.5 Control 7.6 Spin 7.7 Price 7 Table Tennis Racket Brands to Consider in India – A Buyer’s Guide
    • 7.1 Material in General
    • Player Type (7.2)
    • 7.3 Playing Techniques
    • 7.4 Strength
    • Control: 7.5
    • 7.6 Spinning
    • Price: 7.7
  • 8 Ways To Keep Your Rackets Clean Frequently Asked Questions about 8.3 Table Tennis Rackets Cleaning With A Cleaning Kit (No. 82) 8.1 Water-Based Cleaning
    • 8.1 Water-Based Cleaning
    • Cleaning With A Cleaning Kit (No. 82)
    • Frequently Asked Questions about 8.3 Table Tennis Rackets
  • 9 Final Thoughts

What Is The Definition Of A Table Tennis Racket?

If you don’t know what a table tennis racket is, you shouldn’t be reading this article. But they’re all referring to a standard table tennis racket. Many players refer to it as a table tennis racket, table tennis paddle, or ping pong paddle, among other names.

A rubber layer is also applied to both sides of the paddle, red and black on each side. Table tennis players use this small bat. Wood is used to make the paddle. It does not have a frame to be strung like other rackets.

Similarly, the paddle can be made of carbon as well. The paddle is made of wood, and the blade has sponge and rubber layers, as shown in the image.

Quick Comparison of the Best Table Tennis Rackets

Table Tennis Racket Types

Most importantly, at least 85% of the blade should be made of natural wood. Badminton rackets come in a variety of sizes and weights. Before purchasing a table tennis racket, as previously stated, you have a variety of options to consider.


For your forearm and backhand actions, you must select a specific blade and separate rubbers. A professional or advanced player constructs his or her own custom bat. You can also customize the thickness of the rubber as well as the hand and grip of your paddle.

Rackets that are ready-made or pre-assembled

Beginners who are just learning the game should use ready-made bats. You won’t have many variations to show with a ready-made racket. The blade is preassembled, and the rubber is the same for both the forehand and backhand. These are ready to use right away because they are made in the factory.

Rackets for recreational use

You can buy a recreational ping pong paddle if you aren’t too serious about the game and just want to have some fun. These, like ready-made rackets, can be used right out of the box. All you have to do now is choose a suitable bat, place your order, and begin playing.

The Racket’s Components

If you choose a customised or preassembled table tennis racket, it is critical to gain an understanding of the components. Rubber, sponge, blade, and a handle make up a ping pong paddle.


The blade serves as the foundation for a ping pong paddle. It’s either made of wood or carbon fiber. The ITFF requires that at least 85% of your blade be made of natural wood.

Carbon blades, on the other hand, are expensive, and you should only use them if you are an advanced player looking for speed and variety. Carbon fibre is also gaining popularity among professional players as a result of its speed, which is similar to that of wood.

The composition of a blade, as shown above, has a significant impact on the speed of the racket and how you control it for better shots.

How Do You Pick The Right Blade?

You should first determine your playing style before selecting a blade. You can be a defensive, offensive, or all-around player.

A racket’s weight can range from 75 to 90 grams. A defensive player should always use a lighter racket, while all-rounders should use a medium to light paddle. Offensive players, on the other hand, require a heavy racket to play powerful attacking shots. Another thing to keep in mind is that the blade accounts for more than half of the weight of a racket.

Defensive Approach

If you’re a defensive-style advanced player, you’ll want to go with the defensive blades. For better control, these have flexible wood plies.

Style of Offense

To aid an attacking shot, these blades have layers of wood with the outer layer being hard and rigid. First and foremost, look for a blade that falls into the offensive category. A heavier blade is preferred by an advanced player with an attacking style.

All-Rounder Vehicle

A paddle that is neither too heavy nor too light is preferred by an all-rounder. Wood has two layers: a soft outer layer and a hard inner layer. In general, if you are a beginner or intermediate player who is still honing his skills, you should choose an all-rounder racket.

Rubber is a material that is used to

It’s critical to understand that selecting a rubber is one of the most important factors in determining your game and style. A table tennis racket must have red and black colors on both sides, according to the ITTF (International Table Tennis Federation), to make it easy to tell what kind of spin or stroke the opponent is using. Your blade is completely covered on both sides.

Different Types Of Rubber

However, make sure you choose a rubber that matches your personal style. There are various types of rubber that you can use on your racket.

Rubber that is smooth

This smooth surface gives your game a nice spin. This type of rubber has a flat, shiny surface with a sponge layer underneath.

Rubbers with Pimples (Pimples-Out)

Pimpled rubber, or pimples-out, is what the outward-facing pimples are made of. When a ball strikes the rubber, the pimples face out, while the smooth side faces the sponge. Short and long pimples are two types of this type. There are two types of pimples on table tennis rubbers: one that faces outwards and one that faces inwards.

Pimpled rubbers are preferred by professional players who train to play a specific type of game. A short pimple is appropriate for attacking players, while a long pimple is appropriate for defensive players.

Pimples on the Face

The pimples are obviously facing inwards, while the smooth side of the rubber is facing outwards. Reverse rubbers are preferred by beginners and intermediate players because they provide greater control and stroke variety. This type of rubber, also known as reverse rubber, is the most commonly used.


Between the rubber and the blade, the sponge is sandwiched. Your blade, rubber, and sponge combinations are all intertwined when creating a custom racket.

As a result, the shots are more aggressive and offensive. While thicker sponge adds weight to your racket, offensive and all-round players prefer it. You can get more speed and spin with a thicker sponge.

Defensive players will benefit the most from these. A thinner sponge, on the other hand, makes your paddle lighter and more controllable.

The blade and sponge, on the other hand, come in one piece when you custom-build your paddle, and you can buy them separately.

Handle with care

There are approximately six different types of handles from which to choose.

FH (Flared Handle)

To get better angles when playing a shot, FH is best suited for offensive forehand players. Because these blades are lighter, your blade will become head heavy. For better shot control, dominant and attacking players prefer head heavy blades.

However, flared handles can be small, making you feel as if you’ll lose control of your paddle during a rally or an attacking shot.

RSH (Round Straight Handle)

This falls into the category of Straight handles, which are popular among European players. Round straight handles provide a more consistent balance between the forehand and backhand.

SST (Square Straight Handle)

a rectangle Straight handles help you control your style and transition from forehand to backhand. These, too, fall into the category of Straight Handles.

CH (Conical Handle)

This isn’t one of the most popular choices among professional players. These have a circular bottom and are nearly identical to the Flared Handles.

CPen (Chinese Penhold)

Furthermore, these are ideal for service and players with a strong forehand who play close to the table. This is the preferred handle for Penhold style players. A Chinese Penhold handle provides a good wrist balance for better wrist movement.

(UTCan) Anatomic Handle

This handle, which is primarily used by professionals in the United States, is preferred by an attacking hitter. Even so, they’re not ideal for looping or long-distance shots.


Above all, avoid using super glue and make sure the glue isn’t too volatile. You’ll need a good glue to stick the rubbers and sponge to the blade if you’re making your own paddle.

Custom paddles necessitate a constant change in rubber. As a result, you can buy a decent glue brand and use it on a regular basis.

Grip Styles/How To Grip Your Racket

When holding a ping pong paddle, there are two different grip styles. Let us continue our discussion in this section.

Handshake Grip

One of the most common grips is the Shakehand grip, which involves holding the racket with your hands as if you were shaking hands. You have balanced power distribution for both offensive and defensive tasks with this grip. The shake-hand grip, also known as the Western grip, is used by most Western and European players.

Grip of Penhold

Although this style of play is not recommended for beginners, it is preferred by orthodox advanced players. The Penhold grip, which involves holding the paddle handle between your thumb and forefinger, is popular in Asian countries, particularly China and Japan.

If you prefer to play with your hands in a penhold grip, a custom paddle with blades designed for penhold grip is the way to go. Penhold blades are designed to fit a specific penhold grip and playing style.

India’s Best Table Tennis Racket Manufacturers

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular brands available to you. Now that we’ve learned a little bit about ping pong paddles and their various types.

The stag

Stag is a well-known multi-sport brand with a global reach of over 200 countries. They sell products and sports equipment for a variety of sports besides table tennis, such as netball, basketball, wrestling, judo, and so on. It has come a long way since its beginnings as a family business, serving the sporting community for generations.

GKI is an acronym for “Global Knowledge Initiative.”

Similarly, their website offers a wide selection of table tennis rackets, balls, blades, rubbers, and other accessories. They are well-known for producing high-quality products at a reasonable cost. GKI – or GK Industries – is a Meerut-based manufacturer of high-quality table tennis equipment.

Palio Palio Palio Palio Pal

They’re made from a variety of rubber and blade combinations to accommodate players of various skill levels. Palio is a well-known table tennis brand in China. Their pre-made bats aren’t like the ones we usually see on the market. They’ve teamed up with Expert Table Tennis, a table tennis community, to produce incredible custom-made bats at an affordable price.

Stiga is a Swedish word that means “s

STIGA was founded in 1944 and is one of the world’s leading Swedish table tennis companies. They create table tennis equipment for both amateur and professional players. They also make a variety of other indoor and outdoor sports equipment in addition to table tennis.

Joola is a fictional character created by Joola

Since 1952, JOOLA has been a leading manufacturer of table tennis tables and equipment. To establish a stronghold in the United States, they have partnered with the NATT (North America Table Tennis). Rackets, balls, rubbers, and other accessories, such as apparel, are also available from JOOLA.

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Review of the Best Table Tennis Rackets in India

Every table tennis player wishes to own the best table tennis racket in India, but with so many options available, it is a herculean task. Before deciding on a good racket, you must carefully consider the factors and features of the rackets, such as the rubber type, speed, skill level, and price, to name a few. This guide will make your job easier by assisting you in determining which one is best for you.

Table Tennis Racket Palio Legend 3.0

You will be able to get good spin from this bat, both topspin and backspin. One of the best table tennis rackets under 5000 dollars and a must-have if you want to up your game. The rubber has been approved by the ITTF and is pimpled.

Advanced players can get the most stroke out of the spin they’re attempting. Given these considerations, this paddle is best suited for those looking to advance to the next level.

Despite the fact that the racket is a little heavier, it produces a lot of spin on your shots. This is one of the professional table tennis bats with a high-quality cover and ergonomically designed handles.

Professional Table Tennis Racket from EastField

If you’re looking to buy table tennis rackets online, Eastfield’s professional TT racket is a good option. If you want to advance in your game, this racket is for you. It will complement your opponents’ speed in your game. It has a 2.1mm soft rubber that provides spin and stability. It’s also well-crafted and well-designed to provide you with good spin and speed.

However, I would not recommend this paddle to a beginner or someone who is just learning the game.

Table Tennis Spirit Racket Set by JHOOLA

They’re best used for light-hearted games. They’re not only light, but they also have a smooth rubber surface that allows for more spin. The JHOOLA Spirit racket set includes two ping pong paddles and three celluloid balls, as well as a convenient carrying bag.

Given that these are for beginners and casual players, I believe they are overpriced, even though they come in a pair with an extra set of balls.

Expert 2.0 Palio Racquet

This table tennis racket is another excellent product from this company. They redesigned the blades to improve your game by giving you more control and spin. Palio and Expert Table Tennis collaborated on this product for the first time. Palio and Expert Table Tennis, in general, create excellent paddles to meet the needs of every player.

Customers on Amazon, on the other hand, have complained that the rubber is wearing off after a few games.

Carbon Table Tennis Jhoola

The blade is made of carbon, and it aids offensive play by providing excellent topspin. Jhoola Carbon rackets are extremely light, weighing in at under 70 grams. They are a joy to play with. However, they have a small sweet spot that may be difficult for a few players to reach. With rubber and foam covering, this is ideal for beginners and intermediate players.

Overall, this is the best bat you can get for the money.

Table Tennis Racket Stiga Masters Two Star

This is a good bat for beginners who are still learning the game. These are one of the best table tennis bats under Rs.1500 for beginners. The rubber in Stiga’s Master series is of excellent quality and is ITFF approved, giving you good spin and control.

This is for people who are new to the sport but want to take it to the next level. When compared to a one-star racket, a two-star bat provides more speed and helps you improve your technique. So, if you believe you fall into this category, go for it.

Table Tennis Racket GKI

This is one of the best rackets because it has excellent balance, a long handle, and a thick blade that provides more power. After all, these rackets are designed to provide flawless performance for aggressive players. For the bats to last longer, the manufacturers inspect the quality of the imported raw materials. These GKI rackets live up to their billing as one of the best offensive bats on the market.

Above all, these offensive rackets make it simple to block shots. To generate good topspin, the racket gives you exceptional control.

Keep an eye out for duplicate rackets and make sure you order from a reputable Amazon seller.

Table Tennis Racket with a Stag

This is an excellent beginner and intermediate stag table tennis racket. This is one of the best table tennis rackets under 1000 dollars, in my opinion. Above all, the red side of the rubber is power drive, and the black side is stag super, giving you the benefits of two different paddles in one.

However, a few people have expressed dissatisfaction with the paddle’s handle and rubber.

Stiga Kontra is a table tennis bat made by Stiga.

This bat is ideal for newcomers and casual players. The Stiga Kontra table tennis racket is designed for both aggressive and defensive players, making it a neutral racquet.

After a few minutes of play, even the wooden handle has sharp edges, making it uncomfortable to hold the paddle. Though this could be a good table tennis racket for recreational players that you can find online, there are a few flaws. At the same time, every time the ball hits the racket, it makes a loud noise. After a few games, the rubber wears out and there is no spin.

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In India, How To Choose Table Tennis Racket Brands – Buying Guide

I’m mentioning a few things like the construction material, the style and type of play, power, control, and cost. Let’s take a look at the things to think about before purchasing a good table tennis racket.

Material in General

The components of a perfect custom paddle are the blade, rubber, sponge, and handle. Even if you purchase a pre-made racket, look for bats with a good blade and rubber.

That is, a thicker rubber for attacking shots and a thinner runner for slower backhand shots are both possible. The characteristics of the rubber play an important role in the performance of your bat, so that is one of the most important factors to consider. Choose a faster rubber for your forehand and a slower rubber for your backhand if you are an attacking player.

The blade material, on the other hand, is critical. Wood or carbon can be used to make a blade, with carbon being lighter than wood. If you choose to purchase a carbon blade, keep in mind that the ITFF requires that 85% of your bat be made of natural wood.

Types of Players

When choosing a racket, it’s also important to consider your playing style, such as whether you’re an aggressive or defensive player.

Different types of players choose different blades and rubbers, as shown above. This is the key to getting the perfect shot.

Playing Techniques

Choose a penhold handle for your paddle if you are a penhold player, but a flared handle (FH) if you are a front-hand player. Table tennis is one of these games, with a variety of techniques, styles, and types that can be used to define a player. A table tennis player or paddler can have a variety of styles, such as a penhold or shake-hand style.


If you play frequently, remember to replace your rubber every 3-6 months. Choose your rubber wisely if you want to have more power in your game and make faster and better shots. To play fast and aggressive shots, choose a thick rubber, as previously stated.

Take command.

You lose control when you choose a thicker rubber for more speed and spin. You gain one factor while losing the other. The design of a paddle determines how much control you have over the ball. As a result, the more speed and spin your paddle has, the less control you have over it. Power, Control, and Spin are all intertwined. Instead of looking for speed, a beginner should opt for a thinner rubber to get a good grip and control of the game.

Make a spin

So, if you want more spin, go with a thicker rubber. Similarly, the less control you have over your paddle, the more speed and spin you can generate.

The cost

However, an intermediate or professional who competes in leagues and tournaments on a regular basis should spend a few thousand dollars on a high-quality custom-made racket. You should be able to justify the price of a paddle. As a result, this is one of the most important elements. A ping pong paddle does not have to be expensive for a casual player who only plays for fun once in a while. Indeed, you can always start with some low-cost bats and then upgrade based on your playing style and game type.

How To Keep Your Rackets Clean

I should point out that the rubber, which is the most expensive component of a paddle, is the most important thing we could clean. It’s one thing to buy a good paddle, but it’s another to keep it in good shape.

Using Water for Cleaning

Cleaning your paddle with water after each game is a fairly simple procedure. Because the rubber is smooth, dust, dirt, and sweat adhere to it. This makes it difficult to spin and turn. Sprinkle some water on the dirt and wipe it away with a dry cloth or tissue.

Using a Cleaning Kit

A good cleaning solution kit and sponge can be found online. You’ll notice a difference in the speed and spin your racket generates after cleaning it on a regular basis. Rubber wears out and deteriorates over time, but you can extend the life of your rubbers by cleaning them with the right solution.

Aside from that, you can keep your bat in good shape by investing in a good case and rubber protectors for your rubber.

Frequently Asked Questions about Table Tennis Rackets

Let’s take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions about table tennis rackets.

What Is The Definition Of A Table Tennis Racket?

Table tennis is a two- or four-player sport in which you use a paddle or a table tennis bat to hit a table tennis ball.

Why are the sides of a table tennis paddle red and black?

The red side of the rubber accelerates the ball, while the black side provides good topspin. Furthermore, your opponent is aware of which side you use to make a shot.

Is it necessary to clean on a regular basis?

Clean and maintain your paddle on a regular basis to ensure that it lasts as long as possible.

What Is The Best Way To Clean A Paddle?

The rubber on the paddle can be cleaned with water or a cleaning solution and a sponge.

What Is ITTF and How Does It Work?

All national table tennis associations are supervised by the International Table Tennis Federation.

Is there a set of rules for paddles in the ITFF?

When choosing a blade, the ITFF requires that you use 85% natural wood. To look for ITFF approved blades, the ITFF must approve the rubber used by a professional player.

Is Carbon Blade a Good Product?

Yes, carbon blades are lighter and faster than steel blades.

final thoughts

If you’re an intermediate player looking to improve your game, the Palio Legend 3.0 Table Tennis Racket is a great choice. This bat provides excellent topspin and backspin. To summarize, unless you know exactly what you’re looking for, finding the perfect table tennis racket can be a never-ending process. Choose one of these points that works well for you and begin playing. The GKI Table Tennis Racket, which costs around Rs 1000, is ideal for beginners. You gain reasonable control as a beginner to play good offensive shots.

We hope you enjoy the products we suggest! Swag Swami may receive a commission from sales made through the links on this page.

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